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 In 1983 Mr. Zhiyuan Yang was sent to Japan by government to study fungi fermentation technology. After graduation he returned to motherland ,and established Yuan Zhou Fungi Institute in Jinhua ,Zhejiang Province acted as the Youth Leader of China Spark Program in Zhejiang province. Mr. Yang commenced to put his heart & soul into the study of fermentation technology of edible, medical fungi, and innovated Solid Fermentation technology. Compared with the mycelium fermented in Fluid State, the mycelium fermented and cultivated in Solid State has longer growth period (6~9 months), while the former only grows 56 hours,. During its growth state, the solid fermented mycelium is put outside in the nature to endure wind, rain ,storm and sunshine , meanwhile more active elements are accumulated in its body. In embryo state, it is extracted with special technology to harvest more active & better nutritive elements and medical value. For this reason, our fungi extract products are very popular .

  In 2002 Shanghai kangzhou Fungi extract Co., Ltd came into being, integrating the business of raw material and fungi extract R&D, production, processing and sales. Presently Jinhua Yuan Zhou Fungi Institute became the R&D Center & Plantation garden (1200 Mu area) of Shanghai Kangzhou Fungi Extract Co., Ltd. In China Shanghai kangzhou is the only one who has raw material garden, standing on this exclusive advantage we proudly have become supplier to many famous pharmaceutical factories and health care products manufacturers, such as Beijing Tong Ren Tang, Shanghai Lei Yun Shang, Nan Fang Lee Kum Kee and etc.

  In Jinhua Zhejiang Procince, our garden is free of any industrial and residential pollution, which insures the health quality from the very beginning. The extract products are produced in accordance with GMP standard, whose quality and safety are guaranteed. Ingredient checking is performed for every work procedure, and all physical and chemical indexes are under control of national standard for health care food. All of these measures make our products famous in domestic market and also in USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore, HK and other areas.

  Side by side the company makes studies with Shanghai Agricultural Creature Gene Center , Quality Supervising and Checking Center for Edible Fungus and Fudan University. And we get great achievements in fungi seed selection, directive breeding of effective elements and maximizing active elements.

  Extract active element of the fungi to care the life of man kind is our purpose. To be honest is our principle. We will improve our products continuously with the world market to satisfy the requirement of human health. 



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